Most Common Reasons for Developing a Latex Allergy

Latex allergy is a very common condition that is often misdiagnosed to be food allergy. This is a form of allergy or sensitivity of an individual to any product or items that contains rubber in it. The reason why more doctors would misdiagnose their patient for having this kind of allergy into a form of food allergy is because people who have develop this kind of allergy will also be allergic to kiwi fruit, avocado, banana, tomato and chestnut. This is why most experts would suggest that people with allergies needs to stay out of their trigger and this includes removing certain things with their diet.

Latex allergy symptoms

Latex allergy symptoms

Like all allergies when the person gets into contact with a trigger certain reaction will instantly develop. Latex allergy will have a mild to severe reaction depending on how the exposed the patient is and how strong is their tolerance with their allergy. Often people with this allergy will use latex gloves and instantly reaction will occur.

The mildest reaction is often referred to as allergic contact dermatitis. It usually includes burning, dryness, itching and scaling of the skin. The next stage is known as the allergic contact dermatitis. This is a more persistent attack there the same symptoms as the first one is felt including the possible spreading of the skin scaling to other parts and the burning sensation is worse than the last one. Latex hypersensitivity is the most severe one. This includes all the symptoms of the first two plus the patient will be frequently sneezing, have allergic rhinitis, runny nose, watery eyes and sinusitis. If this kind of symptoms is felt it is important that you seek professional help immediately since this may lead to death.

Treatment for latex allergy

As the saying goes prevention is always better than cure so as much as possible never expose yourself from environments where there’s high usage of latex material. You also need to avoid using any latex made items and avoid eating fruits that might trigger your allergies. As of the moment there is really no specific medication that a patient with this condition can take to get cured. But there is other medicine that you can take to help you feels better the moment your allergy starts to kick in.

Once you notice that there’s a reaction every time you use latex gloves it is important that you schedule a visit to your doctor and ask the best thing that you should do. Learn all the necessary action you need to take and make sure that you follow it religiously.

Never ignore any reaction that you might feel because it can develop into a life threatening condition. Just make sure that you know all the items that you need to avoid and the possible food that might also contain the trigger element. Unlike other types of allergies this particular condition still has limited information. Doctors are still unable to discover that is the cause of this allergy and why only a selected individual suffers from it.

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