About Lucy M. Coats

Lucy M. Coats is one of the leading allergy specialists in San Antonio Texas. She got her training and specialization from Allergy Asthma & Immunology at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. Now she is practicing her profession and is meable to save so many lives.

Lucy M. Coats is just like any other girl when she was young. She’s a simple farm girl living in her father’s farm. She is the only child and at a young age she’s determined to be able to save people’s lives that are why she pursued a career in the medical field. She decided to take her specialization in allergies because she has observed that there is little knowledge is still known to this kind of condition. There are even some that still have no known cured or specific medication only treatment for the pain that the patient will feel during an attack. One of the most common allergies that have no medication yet is the latex allergy.

This has made Lucy M. Coats even more interested in focusing on this kind of allergy. This is because most doctors would tend to misdiagnose their patient as to having food allergy other than having latex form of allergies. This is because most allergies have the same signs and symptoms and it is so easy to make mistakes in determining the specific one. And some trigger of latex allergies might come from specific fruits such as avocado, banana, chestnut, kiwi fruit and tomato. This is because they share the same proteins as the rubber used to create latex.

So she has dedicated her time and knowledge into learning more about this condition and hoping eventually she can find a specific cure for it. She just usually advises them to avoid going to places where latex is widely used such as in hospitals and other places. She also would list the entire food item that the patient needs to avoid eating. There are some that treats this condition as a minor one but it can lead to death if it’s just left unattended.

With her expertise Lucy M. Coats has discovered some of the most important things that a patient with latex allergy needs to know. The signs and symptoms will only appear when contact is made with the rubber. Mostly it is from gloves, condoms or suit that triggered the attack. There are three phases of the attack that patient needs to take note of. The first one is just mild attack that will only leave skin allergies on the part that made contact with the rubber and will have an itchy effect to the patient. This can be easily taken cared of with a good painkiller or it will just die down eventually. The next phase would include unbearable pain and the skin allergies will spread all over the body. Lucy M. Coats would suggest that you need to see your doctor or an expert in allergies for this. And once the third one is felt where there’s uncontrollable sneezing and shivering from the patient together with all the symptoms of the first two phases are felt, it is important that you call 911 or head to the nearest emergency room.