The Relationship of Latex Allergies and Bananas

Individuals have different tolerance levels for things and allergens. One individual may not be allergic to something that another individual is allergic to, and vice versa.

Allergies, Allergies, and Restrictions

There are a number of allergens that are present in the surroundings. Each exposure to them, would trigger an allergic reaction from individuals. Some allergens have little impact only if exposed to once, but repeated exposure to it may lead to a greater allergic reaction. Ref: Latex Allergy Symptoms and Treatments

Latex Allergies and Bananas

This is the reason behind a number of restrictions put into place by doctors for individuals who have known allergic cases. Restrictions may be very frustrating and hard, but if one wants to be free from the suffering of an allergic reaction, he or she must follow the doctor’s orders.

The most common restriction people with known allergies have are those of the food they should not take in. There are cases when there are kinds of food that may possibly trigger an allergic reaction. This may be because of the composition of the food and the nutritional content in it.

Latex allergy and Bananas

People may wonder what the relationship is between these two, since latex material is rubber and banana is a fruit. Well, for starters, people who are allergic to latex materials should avoid bananas, as it is one of the foods that can possibly trigger an allergic reaction.

The protein content of bananas have the tendency to mimic that of latex materials, thus an allergic reaction is then triggered. The immune system of human beings is designed to react to the things or factors that may pose a threat to an individual’s health and well-being.

Allergens may have a cross-reactivity to food which have a similar structure with them. Bananas for instance has a high degree of linkage to latex allergic reactions, together with kiwi, avocado and chestnut. These foods share allergens with the latex material, thus exposure to any of them may cause the immune system to react and thus the symptoms of the latex allergy surfaces immediately.

Individuals should understand the purpose for restricting said food so that they can also decide to protect their well-being. Some still take in the restricted food though with the consolation that there is a medical remedy every time the allergy strikes.

Prevention is always better than cure though. Although the latex allergy has no cure, it is best to avoid any occurrence of allergic reactions that may possibly lead to serious cases. Since there are individuals who are allergic to latex products or materials, there are a variety of alternatives that are developed by manufacturers for their convenience, such as non-latex products.

If in any case an individual has a triggered allergic reaction, medical help should be immediately given. There are medical prescriptions that can be taken, but it has to be the doctor that prescribed it. Immediate attention is needed as the allergic reaction may worsen at any given time and may also eventually lead to the death of an individual.

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