Latex Allergy Food that you Need to Avoid from Eating

Latex allergy food is the most common reason why this kind of condition is commonly mistaken for a different kind of allergy. It is important that you take note every time that you have an attack on what you have done and what food you’ve eaten. You also need to familiarize yourself with what food could trigger your latex allergy. You need to provide vital information to your doctor so that they can provide proper diagnosis.

latex allergy food

Different latex allergy food

Latex allergy is usually triggered by items made from latex. These are usually from gloves, rubber band, condom and other latex made materials. But you need to be careful because there are some food that contains the same protein that is found in the latex rubber therefor it can also trigger your allergies. These foods includes

  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Chestnut
  • Tomato

You need to stay away from eating these foods just to be safe. There are no known specific medications to cure latex allergy. The doctor can only give some painkillers for the pain and the itchy feeling that the patient is going through.

The risk of eating latex allergy food

Just like any forms of allergy this can also range from mild to severe and if not treated immediately could lead to death. So it is important that you just avoid eating the listed latex allergy food. It is always best to prevent an attack then to look for cures every time undergo latex allergy.

Doctors would advise you to avoid exposing yourself from all the possible triggers that might cause your allergy. And you also need to avoid going to places where they use latex material so often. You need to avoid going to the hospital or clinics because they use gloves to protect their hands. As to using condoms, there are other brands or types that don’t contain latex perfect for people with allergies to use.

With all the study that is going on for this allergy there will surely be a good medication that will be discovered for it. People who are suffering from this form of allergies can enjoy life without having to worry about whether certain things have latex on it.

For a person with this allergy it is important that you let your love ones know how to deal with it in case you have a severe attack. You need to make sure that people who are always around you can help you get immediate medical attention when you have very bad allergies attack. Just let them know how to spot if you need immediate help or just a simple home remedy can work. Not many people know how to deal with people having severe allergies and it is important that you made it clear with them what’s the first thing they need to do.

Just have all the list of food that you are not allowed on eating so that you can avoid any accidents that might happened when others are not informed about your allergies.

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