Safe Sex is Important But What if You Have Latex Condom Allergy?

Having safe sex is very important and it has been one of the most important think that is being discussed in any sex education class at every school. But what if you have latex condom allergy? What should you use or do? You need to be very careful in knowing if you have allergies with latex and if you are already sure you can try on using other materials such as natural rubber or lambskin made condom.


Risk factor of latex condom allergy

Just like any form of allergy you shouldn’t take your latex allergy lightly. You need to make sure that you avoid getting in contact with any form of trigger as much as possible and this includes the use of latex made condom. Your latex condom allergy might result to more serious symptoms that could lead to death. You will be lucky if you only have mild symptom but is it really worth the risk?

Remember that you and your partner are exposed to the latex when you use it. So you need to make sure that your partner doesn’t have any latex allergies also. But if you just want to make sure you can consider on buying condoms that are made out of different materials that are safe for sensitive skin.

Other dangerous side effect of latex condom allergy

If you still continue to risk and use latex made condom you might notice that you are having a hard time getting ready once you put the condom in place. You will also feel lesser sensation because the condom is blocking the direct contact between vagina and penis. If you are not happy with using the condom or you don’t want to take risk anymore there are other ways that you can use to still have safe sex with your partner.

If you want to just have the full experience of the act just make sure that you and your partner is clean and that you need to avoid having sex with random people. If you are loyal with your partner and same as your partner is loyal to you. You will not have to worry about not wearing protection every time you have sex.

It is important to know all the possible effect that latex allergy can cause to a person. This will help you be able to identify if your love ones is already suffering from it and needs immediate medical attention. Remember that this type of allergy might lead to death if you are unable to seek immediate medical attention after a severe attack.

You also need to know the other trigger besides the latex made condom. There’s also some food that you need to avoid if you want to make sure that you are safe from the latex triggered allergy. There is no specific medication that people suffering from this kind of allergy to take only doctors can alleviate the pain and itchiness that the person feels once the symptoms starts to appear.

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